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where digital artworks and collectible items collide. Explore the world where creative expression crosses boundaries and connects with fans of all ages. A breakthrough creative centre, STARS RUN STUDIO boldly presents a combination of creativity and innovation that creates the conditions for outstanding experiences.

STARS RUN STUDIO founded by a group of fascinated visionaries, drives the values of creativity, community, and accessibility. Our journey began with an NFT project that provided superior quality and affordable prices at launch, as well as a number of benefits for the newcomers and loyal backers in the phases that followed.

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We picture a world of transparency where creativity has no limit. Art merged with technology. We work to encourage people to discover, express themselves, and connect through art in all of its forms. Increase the value of both digital and tangible artworks. We aspire to serve as a catalyst for the development and enhancement of the artistic community, bringing art into people's everyday lives by supporting an innovative and forward-thinking community.



Our goal is to promote the integration of digital and traditional creative forms. We are dedicated to provide a doorway for people to connect with art on various levels through our initiatives, high-quality and reasonably priced NFTs that come with privileges and benefits, thoughtfully designed art toys, and exquisitely crafted products. We want to establish an environment that supports artists, connects with collectors, and inspires everyone to embrace their journey, guided by our basic principles of accessibility, quality, and innovation.

Why are we here?

We know your pain

We are aware of the suffering that art collectors frequently endure when they encounter some of the NFTs' outrageous costs. We've made it our goal to alter the game because of this.

Our goal is to produce excellent NFT projects that transcend the boundaries of cost and exclusivity. It is a straightforward but profound objective. Since we think that everyone should be able to enjoy art, we're dedicated to creating superb NFTs that are reasonably priced.

Come along on a journey where price and quality collide to make it possible for everyone to acquire amazing digital art. We're changing the NFT landscape at STARS RUN STUDIO to ease the agony of pricey alternatives. You've entered a universe where creativity is unconstrained by money.

It’s not just about NFTs

Our work at STARS RUN STUDIO goes far beyond NFT projects; we're a creative team that creates a tapestry of art that transcends the medium. Not only do NFTs themselves play a significant role in our creative process, but the world of collectibles, ranging from art toys, collectible items to apparel.

Our goal is to bring art into the real world by producing well crafted art toys, collectible items, and apparel, as well as to provide excellent NFT projects that are both accessible and reasonably priced.

We want to change the way you interact with art and integrate it into your daily life. Whether you're exploring the world of NFTs or dressing up in our designer clothes, we're committed to creating experiences that go beyond conventional limits. Welcome to STARS RUN STUDIO where the arts are an integral part of both our world and yours, and creativity has no bounds.

These are example of our upcoming products:

Art Toys

Immerse yourself in a world of unique and meticulously designed art toys come with limited and open editions .


Experience the comfort of creativity with our plushies, each one a soft and huggable work of art.


Carry a piece of our artistic vision with you wherever you go, thanks to our eye-catching keychains.

Sticker Packs

Express your creativity with our sticker packs, perfect for adorning your belongings and adding a touch of artistic flair.

Pin Badges

Elevate your style with our intricately crafted pin badges, wearable art that speaks to your unique personality.


Wear your creativity proudly with our artistically designed t-shirts, where art becomes fashion.


Elevate your ensemble with our thoughtfully crafted caps, each a testament to our commitment to merging art with everyday life.


Step into a world of comfort and creativity with our uniquely designed slippers, perfect for art enthusiasts.

Our first project


Phase 1: FINGERZ FROG NFT Collection: Vol. 1

Welcome to the launch of the FINGERZ FROG project! We're excited to introduce you to our exclusive collection of FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 (total supply: 3,000) in this phase. This is your chance to acquire a piece of digital art history from a collection of 3,000 precisely made-by-hand digital artworks.

Boring world brings life to our FINGERZ FROG project. Our team's creative genius is on display in these high-quality digital artworks, which have a resolution of 2000 by 2000 pixels.

Our current project is FINGERZ FROG, the 3,000 generative NFT Project, which also makes collectible items along with it.


Phase 2 and beyond.

This is just the beginning! Our commitment is to make art an integral part of your life, whether it's through digital treasures or tangible keepsakes. At STARS RUN STUDIO, innovation harmonizes with artistry, offering a realm of creative possibilities as vast as the night sky. Join us on this remarkable journey where creativity knows no bounds. Our commitment to innovation extends to providing NFTs that offer more than just ownership; they come with a treasure trove of utilities that elevate your experience to new heights. You can read full whitepaper of this project on FINGERZ FROG website

Membership Privileges

We are committed to offering the people in our community a fantastic experience. Introducing our Membership Privileges, an exclusive program designed to let you know how precious and valued you are to us.

Allowlist and Drop Access

Owners have the opportunity to get new releases before they are made public by receiving early access to upcoming FINGERZ FROG NFT drops.

Discounts and Promo Codes

Offering special promo codes or discounts on limited/open edition of art toys, collectible items, additional products include art prints, clothing, and more, upcoming STAR RUN STUDIO ecosystem.

And Much More..

Your ownership extends beyond the digital canvas. Explore, engage, and experience the limitless possibilities that our NFTs bring to the table.


Time to explore the FINGERZ FROG Project.

Visit FINGERZ FROG website to explore whitepaper and more informations.

The team

The foundation of our studio's identity is defined by these three giants working together. An artistic sanctuary that surpasses traditional limits is built using their combined knowledge of storytelling, technology, artwork, and marketing. Enter a space where creativity comes alive and boundaries between ideas are nonexistent.

El Maestro Thomus

Founder / Digital Artist / Creative / Marketing / Storyteller

Our visionary founder of STARS RUN STUDIO and a maestro of digital artist. His artistic talent is not limited to the digital arts; he is also a master storyteller and marketer. He brings digital artistry and marketing expertise that drive our creative projects.


Co-founder / Digital Artist / Marketing / IT specialist / Content Writer

Our co-founder, effortlessly blends digital artistry and IT proficiency. His marketing and content skills further shape our studio's narrative. He brings a powerful blend of creative talent and technological knowledge. The most crazy ideas came from his brain.


Co-founder / Web3 / Tech Expert / Content Creator / Marketing Strategist

Co-founder and a tech Expert. His mastery extends to web3, content creation, and marketing, propelling our projects to success. He enjoys discovering new things with the most recent technologies and innovations.

The future

We are looking forward futhur for our long-term sustainability. We recognize the importance of not only creating innovative and engaging art but also doing so in a way that ensures the continued vitality of our artistic community and the broader environment. Here's how we approach long-term sustainability:

Long-Term Vision

Long into the future, we remain committed to sustainability. We want to make a lasting impact on the field of creativity and the arts, rather than just passing through it. As we make decisions and take actions, our long-term vision makes sure that they are all in line with our overall sustainability objectives.

Investment in NFT Startups

We invest in NFT-selected startups and platforms that focus on supporting emerging artists. These investments not only provide financial backing but also strengthen the broader NFT ecosystem. This includes strategic investments  creators, allowing them to scale their creative endeavors.

Expanding Our Team

To achieve our expansion goals, we recognize the need to expand our team. We are actively seeking individuals who are passionate, talented, and eager to contribute to our vision. Together, we can broaden our creative universe, reaching new heights in art and innovation to support the growth of our ecosystem.

Environmental Responsibility

We acknowledge our environmental footprint and are committed to reducing it. We actively explore sustainable materials and production methods for our physical collectibles, aiming to minimize waste and adopt eco-friendly  through our art and creative projects.


We actively seek collaborations with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our commitment to long-term sustainability. These partnerships enable us to pool resources and expertise for greater positive impact.


We uphold principles of transparency in all our operations, from manufacturing processes to financial dealings. This transparency fosters trust with our community and ensures accountability in our sustainability efforts.

Cultural Preservation

We recognize the significance of cultural preservation and seek to celebrate diverse artistic traditions. By embracing a wide range of artistic influences, we contribute to the long-term sustainability of cultural heritage.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with our community to understand their evolving needs and preferences. This enables us to adapt and grow while staying true to our mission of making art accessible and relevant.

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